The RST Network

We have presented ourselves for around 30 years as a strong and internationally active family business and are directly active today with our 3 companies in almost 50 countries. Our customers especially appreciate our wide and wellstructured selection of electrical and mechanical products for use in the field of cable entry and attachment, as well the processing and assembly services frequently associated with this. Individual and application-specific solutions, including the development of articles according to the requirements of our customers, play a particularly important role throughout the network.

Standard cable glandsStandard
EMC Cable glandsEMC
Ex VerschraubungenEx
Enclosure SystemsEnclosure Systems
Pressure EqualisationPressure Equalisation
Conduit SystemsConduit Systems

RST Rabe-System-Technik
und Vertriebs-GmbH

Cable Glands, Pressure Equalisation, Conduit Systems, Industrial Connectors

bimed Innovative Products GmbH

Development of customized special solutions in plastic and metal

KARO Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Cable Assemblies, Enclosure Assembly, Industrial Connectors

Why we are the right partner for you:

  • Extensive and application-specific product range
  • Customised logistics and services
  • High level of innovation in conjunction with strong partners & brands

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